Emerging Trends in Gambling Addiction Patterns

August 24, 2023 Kevin Anyango

As much of the world is changing, areas like the gambling landscape go unnoticed by most. But, as someone who has battled the grips of gambling addiction, I see the evolving trends in gambling and addiction patterns.

In the past couple of years, the gambling landscape has significantly changed as technology makes gambling more accessible, as well as the changing societal norms. With these changes come new challenges that much of the gambling community is ill-equipped to handle. As a result, addiction incidences have risen, many suffer in silence, and those on the road to recovery face new obstacles.

Emerging Trends in Gambling

The proliferation of smartphones has put gambling at our fingertips, meaning it is no longer confined to casinos and betting shops. Today, people have access to online gambling platforms on the go, and what’s more, they now offer a plethora of attractive and irresistible options. This convenience has brought gambling to homes, workplaces, and vacation spots, and with this comfort, temptations lurk in every corner. Social media and influencers also significantly promote gambling activities, which is increasingly normalizing risky behaviors.

Gamification has become a buzzword that bridges gaming and gambling. This convergence continues to blur the line between gambling and entertainment. Now, gambling is embedded in video games, mobile games, and apps, not to mention Esports and sports betting, making it easier for susceptible individuals, children, and recovering gambling addicts to fall into the claws of gambling addiction.

Digital currencies promise to revolutionize the financial landscape for the better, but as far as gambling addiction is concerned, crypto and other digital payment methods are a double-edged sword. Thanks to the anonymity and speed of transactions, it is now easier than ever to gamble on impulse. Furthermore, this new digital payment age makes it difficult for people to distinguish reality from the virtual world.

As a recovering gambling addict, I can attest to the allure of these new trends. Still, at the same time, I can see how the blurred lines, deviation from traditions, and the drawing of new boundaries of gambling endorse addiction. However, the same energy used to put these new trends forward is not applied to helping with addiction recovery.

Looking at these trends, I see the increasing difficulties for people battling addiction. Now, recovery is more than just staying away from gambling spots because they are just a click away, and the ads are on mainstream media. Now more than ever, it is crucial to put support systems and advocacy in place and educate people on the importance of confronting these patterns to avoid falling victim to the charm of gambling addiction.

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